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What Are The Diversities In Between Hard Skills, Soft Skills, And Keywords? Why They Even Matter?

The skills learned through training or experiences which includes efficiency and proficiency on tools known as hard skills. Soft skills can be defined as skills that don’t require any training such as being a team player.

Keywords are words that should be frequently used in job description with a moderate amount but shouldn’t be used as skills.

What Is Scan?

A comparison of your resume compares to your job description using GoResumeWriting. Also, you can see your previous history of scans and track the process of an interview.

What match rate should I endeavor for?

The higher rate, the better ones because the rate around 80% is quite a good match rate.

How Can I Enhance My Resume Match Rate?

By focusing on your hard skills you can enhance the match rate of your resume and don’t bother to feel like you need to include each and every skill you have. No, just don’t’ do that because it sounds obviously awkward and congested. JOB TITLE is an important factor that impacts the match rate. Last but not least, stay focused on soft skills and keywords that “you know” will affect the resume.

How Can I Change My Email Address After Making The Account At Goresumewriting?

Go to profile settings, check out if your email address has been verified or not and if it has been verified before yet you want to change it then connect with us through Live Chat Support.

How Do I Reset The Password?

Password reset page is available; you can change it anytime you think another person is also using your account. Also, don’t forget to check our email in spam or folder of promotional emails to get the mail of reset password.

How Can I Cancel My Account?

You can cancel your account if the conditions you’ll provide sound authentic. Moreover, instructions are given at the bottom, in a section of details of your account. If you have paid with the credit card then you easily can cancel the subscription.

What Cost Applied On Professionally Written Resume?

Well, GoResumeWriting offers clients with different packages, casual and premium both. We work according to your choice and wants. Moreover, the condition of professionally written resume will be applied in both cases, casual or premium.

Every Person Require Professional Resume To Get A Job?

No, it’s not necessary that every job seeker needs to have a professional resume. Some built their resumes on their own skills and work out greatly.

What If I Cancel My Subscription In Period Of Free Trial? Get Charged Or Not?

No, you won’t get charged. You can cancel the subscription through following the instructions correctly.